Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am going on a trip to...

Tomorrow I am leaving to go on a trip to spend time with my family for Thanksgiving. I will give you 3 clues as to where I am going and let's see if you can guess where it is!

Clue #1....It is in North America, but it is not part of the Unites States
Clue #2....It is the country below the United States
Clue #3....People speak Spanish there (not Italian like the morning kindergarteners like to pretend!!)

Happy Guessing!


Colorado Conlins said...

Dear Ms. Baker,
Where you are going is Mexico!
elliot conlin,

brizmus said...

Did you know that in Europe, they do not consider this country to be in North America?
Also, they learn that there are only 6 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, America, and Antartica.
For them, North America and South American together is just one big continent that they sometimes talk about as North America and South American like we talk about Eurasia or the Middle East sometimes.
Weird, huh?

Ms Baker said...

Wow, Elliot! You got it! And Audrey, I had no clue that the number of continents on the world was negotiable. interesting!