Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Indoor Recess

A lot of times indoor recess is a hassle. It is hard to keep kids inside all day. The kids get too antsy and the teachers don't have a break time to prepare for the next lesson. With the cold weather, we have had quite a few indoor recesses and these kids make indoor recess so much fun. They are all so creative and the things they come up with are awesome! They also do an outstanding job of cleaning up their recess activities when time is up and getting right back into class mode!

Second quarter award winners

We just had our second quarter awards ceremony. Two kids each from the AM and PM class won the Timberwolf award for showing all of our school's pillars of character and two students from each class won the Twin Peaks award for most imporvement. We also had a number of students get a certificate for perfect attendance. It was a great day and I am so proud of all of the students in my class!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I got to go to the X-games this weekend and it was awesome. I saw someone on a snowmobile do a DOUBLE backflip. He fell on the landing, but he was ok. I also saw snowboarders do flips and spins and skiers jump so high in the air they looked like little specks. I also got some fun goodies like a taco hat that is now in our dress up bin. And I got some fun prizes for the class so we had our own kindergarten x-games. There are some very talented kids in this class!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

If I lived in the White House, I would...

Bol evre da.

Inviet all of my frndins and palay bowling.

Go in to the suimen poo.

Get miy vdyogm and pla it.

Eat all the food.
-Blake W.

Woch a moove.

Hang with the Jonas Bros.

Et and slep.
-Isaac F.

Pant my room pink.

Get a hors.

Swimyn, movy, and pat room Saints.

Pant my rom prpl.

Git a cat.

Pant it yilo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last week we learned about shadows. We learned that to have a shadow you need light and an object. We also learned that the closer we are to the light, the bigger our shadow gets. We did an experiment with our hampster, Deuce McAllister and an in- focus machine. When I brought him close to the light, he looked gigantic on the screen. When he was far away, he was little bitty! We also got to make shadows of our own!

Monday, January 19, 2009


Sorry it's been a while since I have posted. Since we got back from break, things have been full swing in kindergarten! Our first week back, we learned about magnets. We learned that magnets have a north pole and a south pole. The north pole of a magnet attracts (or comes together) with a south pole of a magnet. If you try to put poles together that are the same, they repel (or push away). We had a lot of fun playing with magnets in class. We even learned how to make a magnet by rubbing something metal on a magnet.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Groundbreaking/Wall Smashing Ceremony

Our school will be moving to a new location next year. We have purchased a new building and before we got out for winter break, we had a groundbreaking ceremony at the new place. Since the building is already there though, we had a "wall smashing" ceremony. Everyone got to write on the walls since most of them will be torn down or painted over to make the building into our new school. Our spanish teachers, Mrs. Espy and Mr. Pena even had a pinata. Everyone had a great time and we are all excited about our new school!

The enhanced Broncos hat

When Mr. Buchman gave me this Broncos hat, he said that I had to wear it to school. I decided that I could never wear a Broncos hat (what would my students think!!!) so I enhanced it a bit. Mr. Buchman didn't even recognize it!