Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Groundbreaking/Wall Smashing Ceremony

Our school will be moving to a new location next year. We have purchased a new building and before we got out for winter break, we had a groundbreaking ceremony at the new place. Since the building is already there though, we had a "wall smashing" ceremony. Everyone got to write on the walls since most of them will be torn down or painted over to make the building into our new school. Our spanish teachers, Mrs. Espy and Mr. Pena even had a pinata. Everyone had a great time and we are all excited about our new school!


Annette&Bob said...

Umm...Ms. misspelled Geaux as in Geaux Saints!! Do not forget your heritage! (To Ms. Baker's kindergarteners - we have a special way of spelling some things in Louisiana. You should keep spelling it Go!)

mom said...

It's hard to concentrate on school work with so much excitement going on. I bet the kids are already looking forward to next year.