Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last week we learned about shadows. We learned that to have a shadow you need light and an object. We also learned that the closer we are to the light, the bigger our shadow gets. We did an experiment with our hampster, Deuce McAllister and an in- focus machine. When I brought him close to the light, he looked gigantic on the screen. When he was far away, he was little bitty! We also got to make shadows of our own!


brizmus said...

i hope you taught your students lots of fun shadow animals! How exciting to get to do a lesson on shadows - I wish I were in your kindergarten class!

Annette&Bob said...

What a funny looking child in the bottom right picture. Heehee!! I wish you would have taken pictures of Deuce for us to see his shaow being so small. I bet he was cute!