Thursday, January 22, 2009

If I lived in the White House, I would...

Bol evre da.

Inviet all of my frndins and palay bowling.

Go in to the suimen poo.

Get miy vdyogm and pla it.

Eat all the food.
-Blake W.

Woch a moove.

Hang with the Jonas Bros.

Et and slep.
-Isaac F.

Pant my room pink.

Get a hors.

Swimyn, movy, and pat room Saints.

Pant my rom prpl.

Git a cat.

Pant it yilo.


brizmus said...

wow, so we have pink, yellow, and purple rooms. And a Saints room. You teach your students well. :-)

Annette&Bob said...

I like how y'all think! I would also like to have a Saints room, eat and sleep, buy a horse and go swimming. Maybe I should run for president.