Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Native Americans

This week we have been learning about the Native Americans. We learned that they were here in North America when Columbus arrived and that they helped the pilgrims when they came over on the Mayflower. We each created our own Native American names! I am "Love the Saints" (the football team that is). Our classes have names too: the AM class is "talks too loud" and the PM class is "blurts out a lot"!! We know that the Native Americans got most of their clothes, food, house supplies, and decorations from animals. We also learned that they did not have bathrooms in their houses. Some of my ancestors were Native Americans...can you guess what tribe they were from?


mom said...
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mom said...

I only see two pilgrims in all those chiefs and princesses.

I love the "thankful for" turkey in the back ground

brizmus said...

I want a native american name, too! Do I have to pick it myself, or do you pick it for me?
If I pick it myself, maybe I will be "reads a lot"

Annette&Bob said...

While I do not have a Native American name for myself, I do have one for my dog. He is called "Chief Little Big Ears." I will agree with Audrey in saying I would like a name for me. And, I also liked the turkey. I am thankful for a lot of the same things - my family and Nintendo to name just two. I am also thankful for Ms. Baker, my very best friend.