Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jane Goodall

This week we have been learning about Jane Goodall and how she studies chimpanzees in Africa. We also learned that some chimps are dying becuase they are losing their homes in the jungle. To help the chimps, our class is collecting pennies from now until we get out for our winter break. Don't forget to bring in your pennies! Soon we will get to count them!


Annette&Bob said...

I love chimps! They are so cute. How sad to learn that they are losing their homes. I am so glad your class is helping out. I will see if I can find some pennies to help chip in for chimps!

brizmus said...

I'm with Annette - SO sad that the poor chimps are losing their homes. :-( I would send all of my pennies over, but it might cost more to send them than what they are worth.

mom said...

Everyday is so interesting. The teachings are so well rounded.