Friday, October 10, 2008

The SAINTS/Broncos saga continues...

When the SAINTS played the Broncos in September, we did a lot of activities around the game. We graphed who we thought would win and we had the teachers come in to pick who they thought would win. We also learned all of the SAINTS cheers and made patterns with the colors of both teams. Well, we all know now that it was not a W for the SAINTS, but the class is still quite fond of the team. Now, even though we can cheer for both teams, the rivalry continues in our classroom! I apologize to all of the Broncos fans in our class (you know who you are) but all I have right now are SAINTS pictures and videos to show you! Who dat say they gonna beat them SAINTS?!?!


noodleboy said...

My mom can't believe Ms. Baker has won her son over to the dark side (Saints fan).

brizmus said...

LOL! That is really SO fantastic that you have all (most) of your students cheering for the Saints!