Friday, February 13, 2009

George Washington

Here is what we know about George Washington:
1. He was a general is the Revolutionary War (that freed us from England)
2. His house is called Mount Vernon
3. He said "No" to being the King of the United States and "Yes" to being the first President.
4. He did not live in the White House (it wasn't built yet)
5. His hair turned gray from fighting in the war
6. His nickname is "The Father of our Country"
7. He loved horses
8. He was very honest (we read the story about him chopping down the cherry tree and not telling a lie but we do not know if it is true or a legend!)

These are pictures of us with our General Washington hats on!


brizmus said...

I didn't know that George Washington had the option to be the first king of the United States. It's crazy to think about how differently things would have turned out had he said "yes!"

Annette&Bob said...

I love the fact that George Washington got gray hair because he was in the war. How come my husband is getting gray hair? (Or, does that mean life with me is war?)

Nancy said...

I like the fact that Karsen's George Washington hair is sticking straight up since his real hair often sticks straight up as well.

mom said...

Your students are learning things they will never forget about the threshold our country was built on. For Audrey, do you think Washington would have done things differently if his "title" was different?