Saturday, February 7, 2009

We are 100 days smarter

This past Monday marked our 100th day of kindergarten. We have learned a lot in these past 100 days and it was a good chance to celebrate. We made snacks with 100 treats, a necklace with 100 beads, figured out what we could eat 100 of (m&m's and marshmallows were at the top of the list), and said what we could do with $100 (toys and trips with the Saints!) The kids also had to do a project at home with 100 items on it and present it on our 100th day. I pretended to be 100 years old but am now back to my normal self! It was a great day.


brizmus said...

boo! Why aren't there any pictures of you being 100 years old?

Annette&Bob said...

I do like the picture of you being 100 years old (top right pic, Aud). You look great for 100! I think I could eat 100 pieces of broccoli or General Tso's tofu or cheese. Did any of those make the list? And, if I had $100, I would buy books. Happy 100 day of school - y'all are so smart!

mom said...

100 days go kiddos!