Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wright Brothers

Last week we learned about the Wright Brothers. We learned that they made the first motor powered airplane. They were from Ohio but had to go to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to fly it because they needed more wind. We read that their first flight lasted 12 seconds and they went 120 feet. We decided to be scientists (with the help of our 3rd grade buddies) and see just how far 120 feet is. We agreed that if we were still on the playground at the end of 120 feet then the first flight was a short distance (because we don't need a plane to get across the playground) and if we walked all the way to Denver (with permission of course) then it was a long flight. We discovered that 120 feet is actually very short and is only halfway across our playground. We then tried running for 12 seconds to see if we would get further than 120 feet or not quite as far. Many of us made it past 120 feet which means that we can run faster than the first airplane!

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mom said...

.....too smart; I never knew we could run faster than the first airplane