Sunday, March 29, 2009


Bienvenue a Paris! I finally arrived. I left Colorado on Saturday and got here on Sunday. It was a long flight! When I got here I met up with my mom and grandma and we took a crazy cab ride to my sister Audrey's apartment. Then we hopped on the Metro (an underground train) and went to Versailles. Versailles is a giant castle that belonged to the French king and queen back when France was a monarchy (like England). Now France is a democracy (like us) and they no longer have a king or queen. But the castle is still here and it was HUGE! We toured for 2 hours and still didn't see the whole thing!

A bientot!

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Heather said...

Sooooo jealous! Love the Ethiopian video-did the guy next to you think you were funny?

"I really want to be with you! Love, Leah. And what else I want to say, is I really think on the next trip you go, I think you should go with me. Love Leah"