Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For the past 3 days I have been down in southern France in a town called Annecy. It is in the region of Provence. We had a great time. Annecy is right on a lake nestled in the French Alps (kind of like the Rocky Mountains but in Europe.) We shopped, ate crepes, got massages, and walked A LOT! We also ate lots and lots of bread and cheese! Today I saw something on a menu that I wanted to try (you know I don't try new things very often!) I thought it was hot lemonade (limonade chaud) but it actually said citron chaud which means hot lemon. That is exactly what it was: the lady squeezed 2 lemons into a mug then heated it up. It was the sourest thing I have ever had! I ended up having to add sugar and hot water! Yikes!

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