Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pere Lachaise

In France, there is a very famous graveyard. It is called Pere Lachaise and it is famous because there are a lot of well known people buried there. It reminded me a lot of the cemetaries where I am from in Louisiana because they are mostly above ground. Here in Colorado, if someone dies, they are buried under ground. In New Orleans the city is surrounded by water on all sides and it is below the level of the water (i picture it like a soup bowl...the town is in the middle and the water is the rim). People can't be buried under ground becuase when it rains everything would float up. Anyway...many of the graves at Pere Lachaise are also above ground but nobody there really knew the reason why. My mom was very excited to see the grave of Chopin who was a famous composer (we can listen to some of his music next week) and my grandma was excited to see Collete who was a famous french author. I was excited to see Jim Morrison (an American musician who died while he was in France.) I didn't think that I was going to like going to a cemetary but it was actually really quite beautiful!

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Annette&Bob said...

Mate...You did not tell me you saw Jim Morrison's grave. And, where are those pictures?! HMPH!! Did you tell him I love him? And, will you listen to his music in class? : )