Saturday, April 4, 2009

Au Revoir Paris

The whole time I was in Paris, it was a bit chilly and I really wanted some soy milk hot chocolate which didn't seem to exist anywhere in France. Finally, on my last day there, we found a Starbucks and we all enjoyed a hazlenut soy hot chocolate which made my trip complete. I know that Starbucks in not very French but it was still wonderful AND on our way to Starbucks we got to see fun sights and try on hats! Also, I know Paris is not complete without a trip to the Eiffel Tower (can you believe that they almost wanted to tear it down). Now, hundreds of people wait in line to go up to the top of the tower to see all of Paris (on a clear day which is rare!) We also saw a restaurant called Les Deux Magots which is where many famous authors like Oscar Wilde (he wrote a book that my sister loves called The Picture of Dorian Gray) and Ernest Hemingway (he wrote a book that my brothers love called The Old Man and The Sea)would go to eat and write. Also Picasso (remember when we learned about him) liked to eat at this restaurant.

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