Saturday, April 4, 2009


In Europe, it is very easy to get from country to country or even from town to town. People there don't use cars (like we do here), they use the train. There are different kinds of trains (some you can sleep on!) We took the TGV to Annecy. That stands for Train a Grande Vitesse which basically means a really fast train. It goes much faster than a car. We were on the train for almost 4 hours and we ate, read, and talked. The problem though was that we were in what was supposed to be the "quiet car". Since we did not know this, we talked the whole way. Towards the end a guy near us was talking (quietly) on his phone and said (in french) that there were people on the train that talked the whole way and that they were very loud. He did not know that we knew french so when we laughed he was a bit embarrassed! We were much quieter on the way back. The other cool thing about the train is that once you are on, a conducter comes through and punches your ticket (just like the Polar Express!)

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Annette&Bob said...

I did not know you were on a quiet car. Yipes! Who booked that ticket?!? That is so funny about the man speaking in French and you knowing what he said. Heehee!I so would not make a very good passenger on a quiet car!